Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Frustration tends to fuel my ability to communicate a message. Not today. A conversation with a dear friend has me disquieted . . . disquieted with the expectations of others. There is a new movie out, No Strings Attached. There are always strings, but what if one discovers what she thought was her string, is really someone else's? Oh I'm talking in code because this conversation isn't anonymous and I'm still not able to shed the "polite company" requirement this chat seems to "require." But I'm tired of other people's strings. I have enough of my own.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

For Better

Weddings come in all shapes and many sizes. Not sure of an exact count, but I estimate that I've attended at least four dozen ceremonies and their receptions. Don't tell the other 47 families . . . but the wedding I attended this New Year's Eve was my all time favorite. Hands down. No contest.
What were we discussing?

Alone these women are powerful. Together, they hold "leaping tall buildings in a single bound"powers. 

Congratulations Blake and Scotty!
Love, honor, cherish,