Monday, September 27, 2010

Pulpits for Women

Friday, September 17, 2010

In Defense of Al Mohler

Unfortunately, the September 14 ABP article on Al Mohler's recent chapel sermon has become a tool for moderate leaders seeking to use the classic bait and switch. For years I've fallen for this smokescreen, but not this time. I'm looking past the smoke and heading for the closest emergency exit.

The real story isn't Al Mohler's tired message. We've heard it before. His lack of support for women in ministry is well documented and widely known. The real story is the need for publishing Dr. Mohler's not so breaking news.

If Cooperative Baptist Fellowship supporters are busy lamenting the sad reality of women in Southern Baptist life, they are less likely to be concerned about the sad reality of women in Cooperative Baptist Life. If CBF supporters can rally around the archaic words of Al Mohler, they are less likely to absorb mirror issues in their own fellowship.

Almost 20 years ago, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship formed, in part, because of the Southern Baptist Convention’s unwillingness to support women in ministry. For almost 20 years CBF women have been encouraged to, "Hang in there. Keep pushing. Your day will come.” The recent quoting of Al Mohler in ABP helps the cause of those attempting to direct gazes elsewhere.

Al Mohler is no longer our enemy, but he is the perfect decoy.

(Thanks to sixsteps for the use of the photo)