Thursday, November 06, 2014

Pop Theology

It would have been a great evening. The Full Moon Dinner mentioned in the last post. Dancing and dining under a huge Gulf moon is the kind of night of which legends are made. It didn't happen. Life carried on around the talk of that night and then one day it was August.

But let me tell you what did happen. I started a popsicle business. There has been talk of a food truck for years, and this summer the dream was realized. My business partner and I love the idea of making whole ingredient popsicles that are free from anything harmful. We add fresh fruit and sweet time to make what we feel are works of art. I say the same thing about my grandmother's buttermilk pie. Work of art I tell you.

Each pop is a representation of a careful day's work and in some cases . . . days' work. In today's fast paced world of automated creation, we take pride in knowing that our pops are like fingerprints, each one is different in some way because ours are individually made.

Making and selling pops is an education and the ministry opportunities continue. I find them around blueberry bushes and at gated community block parties. Everybody has a story to tell.

So there was no Gulf Moon Dinner, but there is always next summer and if it works out, there will be popsicles with that dinner. Worth the wait.


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