Friday, August 31, 2007

The Collective Voice Makes a Difference

Senator Clinton was on David Letterman last night. This past Sunday was the 87th anniversary of the 19th Amendment and women receiving the right to vote. Senator Clinton spoke of the thrill of meeting women in their 90s who approach her thankful to have lived long enough to see women enfranchised and a female running for president.

I enjoyed the interview and was looking forward to the second half when the network broke for a commercial. Imagine my disapointment in seeing the Hardee's flat buns commercial in the midst of such a powerful statement of women's equality. The fast food chain has stooped to an all time low. Why is it acceptable to sell food by objectifying women? Knowing that money talks, why do we still buy hamburgers from fast food restaurants that objectify women?

Please join me in contacting the Hardee's corporation through this web address:
1-877-799-STAR (7827).

Tell Hardee's that watching soft porn does not make you want a cheeseburger!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Home Ec.

Did any of you happen to see the Today Show last week when they featured a story on Southwestern College ( a division of Southwestern Seminary) and their Home Economics major for women? Rev. Debra Haffner of The Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing posted on her blog regarding the major.

You can read about the degree at:

Anybody have an opinion? Here is my response to Rev. Haffner blog posting:

For years Southern Baptist seminaries have offered courses for "seminary wives." Even though we are disappointed in a degree in homemaking, at least those taking the classes are now able to receive credit for them.

What concerns me more than Southwestern College's BA in Homemaking is Southwestern Seminary's courses on Biblical Womanhood.

Dorothy Patterson, wife of seminary president Paige Patterson, is one of the professors who teaches Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. A quick glance at the recommended reading list from her website gives insight regarding what her students are offered.
Dorothy Patterson often wears a hat to show her submission to her husband.

Paige Patterson visited my seminary once. He told me personally that, "Women were first to fall, last to be created, and saved in childbearing."

It is important to remember that not all Baptist are Southern Baptist and not all Southern Baptist are bound by the Southern Baptist Convention's "mandates". Southern Baptist churches are autonomous and can call whomever they want as pastors and staff, even women!

This past weekend I was with a group of Southern Baptist women. I asked several of them what they thought about the BA in Homemaking. Each woman I asked thought the degree was silly and was embarrassed by the Today Show’s report.

For the past two years Baptist Women in Ministry has produced the "State of Women in Baptist Life" report. It outlines the number of Baptist women serving as ministers. Most of the statistics are from American, Southern, and Cooperative Baptist Churches. The report can be accessed at


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lauran's Interview Part Two

Monday, August 13, 2007

Lauran Unplugged

Sparkfly has a new video camera and in our very high tech way we decided to interview our friend Lauran Bethell. By high tech I mean that I video taped the computer screen while we Skyped! The result is a somewhat entertaining interview that resembles being on the deck of a boat. Take your Dramamine and enjoy Lauran as she discusses her travels and what she's reading. Come back later in the week for part two of the interview. You won't want to miss her response to today's final question. ;)

Rev. Lauran Bethell is a Global Consultant based in Prague, Czech Republic. She serves as a consultant to encourage and facilitate . . . ministries that address the exploitation and abuse of women and children. (

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Color Purple on Broadway

Greetings from Long Island where Lori and I are working on Sparkfly projects. We hope you are well and that your summer has been delightful. On Thursday I had a meeting with the UNFPA representative in charge of maternal health. It was a very insightful meeting that increased my excitement about the upcoming maternal health initiative I am working on with Covenant Community Church in Elba, AL.

Later that evening Lori and I attended the broadway musical the Color Purple. We thought it was fabulous. Here is our video review of it.