Friday, February 26, 2010

Hooking Up?

There are some interesting and needed conversations going on surrounding a recent blog post by Rachel J. Simmons. Her words have me wishing for a dialog with ministerial peers who understand the constraints our recovering southern evangelical culture often imposes concerning issues of female sexuality. Instead of offering education and empowerment, our culture tends to hand out fear and prooftexting as a means to control wayward desires.

Rev. Debra Haffner of the Religious Institute has offered a helpful guideline for those trying to determine if they are ready for a sexual encounter. In her book, What Every 21st Century Parent Needs to Know, Rev. Haffner lists criteria for a moral, ethical sexual relationship:
Mutually pleasurable
Protected against pregnancy and disease of any type of intercourse occurs

Also listed are three conditions that help individuals know if the five criteria are present in their relationship:
Shared Values

As a minister and a feminist, I am supportive of the sexual equality of women of all ages. When reading articles about the casual sexual encounters of young women today, I am concerned that in our thankfulness for their sexual empowerment, we are neglecting the balance needed as we honor our bodies and the relationships we make whether casual or long term. When using Rev. Haffner's criteria as a guide, in my opinion, hooking up does not allow enough time to determine whether or not the encounter is beneficial to those involved.


Blogger Sparkfly said...

Have I relapsed into the world of, ". . . every head bowed and every eye closed?" Maybe I'm a feminist prude and that has nothing to do with my recovering Baptist status. Maybe . . .

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