Sunday, March 08, 2009

Yesterday, Sparkfly co-writer Lori Crowe Burgess’s grandmother died. Mrs. Frances Hardy Crowe was 82 years young. She was Lori’s last living grandparent.

Tomorrow Lori will deliver her grandmother’s eulogy. She is preparing her tribute as she and Jacob fly south with the cutest seventh month old baby around. Tonight is the visitation. Tomorrow will bring additional traditions of meeting, greeting, and eating with family and friends.

I forgot to ask Lori if she has to preach next Sunday. If so, I am going to offer her a sermon from my file. Surely we can make allowances for weeks like the one Lori is having. Maybe a sermon cooperative is needed. There are some weeks when homemade sermons might have to come from someone else’s “kitchen”.

Thoughts and prayers for Lori and her family are welcome.


OpenID leanngjohns said...

prayers to you, Lori! Your grandmother was so proud of you. Your gift to her tomorrow will be a treasure to your family too. Wish I could be there!

6:57 PM  

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