Thursday, February 05, 2009


Academia is such a two edged sword. Sitting in a missiology caucus this week I was amazed at the girth of egos in the room. We were talking about the missiology of sustainability and someone mentioned wealth redistribution.

Here's my question . . . If I give you something because I have too much, how is that mission? How does that honor what you have for me? Mission isn't about wealth redistribution. Not in my opinion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

then what do you do with to whom much is given much is expected/required?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we are speaking of the Luke 12 passage . . . I believe Jesus was addressing greed and responsibility. Not all who are wealthy are greedy. Earlier in the passage a man from the crowd asks Jesus to tell his brother to divide the family inheritance with him. Jesus then warned the crowd against every type of greed (even the brother without). Then, when I read vs. 33 (Luke 12), it doesn't sound much like wealth redistribution to me - it sounds like the giving up of all wealth.

We follow a God of the Widow's mite and I believe God is concerned with our mindset just as much as our wallet. So back to my original statement, maybe I should have said, mission isn't always about wealth redistribution. Wealth redistribution alone is meaningless. And back to my original question, how can I honor the imago dei in everyone if I give and fail to receive? Selling my second car or forgoing my cruise to the Greek Isles isn't enough. Thanks for asking.

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