Monday, January 12, 2009

"Worst Ministry Moment"

Last year I had the privilege of co-officiating at the wedding of a good friend. There were four ministers. Every detail was thoughtfully planned. As I recall, my part of the service was to read scripture and say the benediction. Communion was part of the ceremony and one of the other ministers presided.

As she broke the bread, half the loaf fell to the floor, bounced, and rolled under the communion table. I had the best view in the church and as she knelt to retrieve the wayward bread she looked at me with horror. I gave her one of my best camp director faces that said, "It will be fine, just proceed dear." I was stunned and she was mortified. The bride and groom seemed unfazed. I remember thinking she should have called out, "Five second rule," but thought better of it.

Today I received a Facebook message from her telling me that the dropping of the bread incident was her worst ministry moment ever. Ouch. Her comment started me thinking about what my worst ministry moment might be. The worst ones can't be shared publicly . . . but of those that can be shared, here it is.

If you have one, I would love to "hear" it.


Blogger Burgess News said...

One of my worst ministry moments happened this past Christmas Eve. At the Christmas Eve service, as I was reading the Christmas Story from scripture...all prounounced and minister-like, I somewhere in the moment, forgot how to say "frankinscence". I Said, "freakinsense." I caught myself and wanted to bust out laughing, but paused and then moved on. Jimmy caught it, as I'm sure did a santuary full of people, but I will never live down the freakin' "freakin' sense".

12:29 PM  
OpenID leanngjohns said...

oh no... thankfully, mine was in practice for the Christmas cantata but it was in front of the entire Adult Choir who never let me live it down...
I read, "heavenly thong" instead of "heavenly throng" and someone yelled out, "Do they have those as Victoria's Secret?" Yea. Still haven't lived that one down.

1:17 PM  
Blogger Meg said...

Hm...its a tough call for me. The one that comes to mind first was the Wednesday night I had a special needs kid humping the floor and was so distracted by what was happening when I asked my intern to attend i said "Britt, can you please hump Justin?" Yeh. Good times.

1:36 PM  

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