Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thinking Ahead

With 2006 coming to an end, I have started running through the "year-end-review" moments of my life. I've pulled the "best- of" and "worst- of" files from my mind and thought about their implications for the future. I've read back through journals of the last year; remembering hopes and dreams that are still very much alive in my life.

The hope of the new year stands at the threshold. I wonder what it might bring? My mind is busy with possibilities and expectations as I wait!
In 2007 I hope to:
  • Walk in Central Park in the snow with my husband
  • Travel at least once internationally
  • Co-author a book to completion
  • Learn to love my new surroundings in NY
  • Put our yellow lab in obedience school
  • Encourage at least one person everyday
  • Find a wonderful church community
  • Grow in wholeness in all areas

Sparkfly community: What are your hopes for 2007?

Dream Big!


...."for I am about to do something in your days that your would not believe, even if you were told." Habakkuk 1:5


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lori! I didn't know you were in NY now! Can you send me your email?

mine is:


7:24 AM  

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