Monday, December 04, 2006

the path before us

This weekend Lori and I participated in two rituals - one new and one old. The old one was inadvertently left off the list last Wednesday. For that I am sorry because it is one of my favorites, ordination.

Yesterday afternoon at 3:00 Lori was ordained to the gospel ministry. It was an amazing service filled with words of affirmation and love from her friends, family, ministers, mentors, and teachers. Read on for her recap of the experience.
From Atlanta,

I am still basking in the emotion of yesterday's experience. The more I try to absorb the magnitude and meaning of that hour, the more I encounter a God who continues to do amazingly more than we could ever ask or imagine.

There is incredible power in human touch and the ability to affirm with words. Something unique happened within my spirit as I heard blessing after blessing from those I loved the most. Isn't it amazing how God comes to us through the body of Christ! I left the service with the title of Reverend, but something much deeper took place in my soul. As I stood from the pulpit, glancing at a sea of faces, I felt God's love in a way like never before. I saw God's reflection in each and every face that had nurtured and guided me to that sacred moment.

Today, I awoke with a spirit of thankfulness. But, more than that, I awoke with a spirit of duty; both to God and to the great cloud of witnesses that testify daily to my calling. Thanks be to God for those who affirm us and call us forward to be light in the world!


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