Thursday, November 16, 2006

What Brings Us Here?

This week has brought numerous changes to my life. My husband and I packed up our cars, our dog, and our dreams and headed for our new home on Long Island, New York. The life and surroundings I knew last week seem distant. Surrounded by change and transition my heart has reveled in nostalgia and awakened to new possibilities.

No one knows me here. To my neighbors I am the mysterious new girl with a Georgia license plate and the goofy yellow lab, Zeke. I can be anyone. If ever there was a moment to re-create myself, now would be the opportune time. Who do I want to be? Am I still following this “Divine Call” that has been placed on my life? If so, how?

These thoughts have flooded my mind throughout the course of each day. In the quiet moments with just me and Zeke, God beckons me to a place I once knew. I am reminded of the journey that physically brought us here. And even more, I am reminded of my faith journey and the people and places that have shaped me into this young woman searching to fulfill a call.

This week we have pondered road blocks and frustrations. Maybe we need to take a moment and reminisce about our first urgings that bring us to this sacred moment. Who was it that first inspired you to make a difference? Was there a special experience that ignited your heart’s desire? Perhaps it was a quiet moment with just you and God. Let us share together in our experiences, and remember that we have the power to be the change agent in someone else’s life today. Travelers on a journey…what brought you here?



Blogger Mindy said...

I have long been inspired by movies. One of the first was "The Sound of Music." I wanted to be Maria, going around with her guitar and making a difference in this family and in so doing, finding her true love. Oh, how I wanted to be like her. She was so sure of herself, and yet so unsure. My next memory is of "Fiddler on the Roof." It is still one of my favorite movies. I wanted to be Hodel. She challenged the norm and followed the man she loved even when it took her far away. I even sang her song "Far From the Home I Love" in high school. I think for me she was a person who followed her dreams and that is what I want to be. I am a dreamer by nature. The Lord first touched my heart for women/people in prostitution/sexual exploitation when I was a teenager. I saw a new program on runaways who end up in big cities and through one thing or another end up in prostitution. I remember wishing there was something I could do for them. To let them know that someone loved them despite everything they had gone through.

That was the beginning of the end of me. I could go on and on about the things the Lord has used to inspire me (His word, friends, family, movies [Lord of the Rings], people [Amy Carmichael, Angelina Jolie], but that is for another time. What's important is that He has inspired me and He continues to inspire me. Despite my frailties and my doubts He has a plan for my life and I am ruined for anything but that. I desire that more than anything. I want to serve Him and to live the life He has created me for.

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