Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Things to Ponder

Comments from the past couple of days have been powerful. You have brought up some intense road blocks that stifle our hope. What is it that we need to quiet the road blocks? One guess is assurance, but from who and what kind?

Why is it that we continually question our ability to do that which we know God encourages us to do? "Did you really say that God?" "Tell me one more time." And then we sometimes explain away the conversation.

Once I heard someone say that she had misunderstood what God wanted her to do. She was so sure of her future vocation and had taken some great steps to getting there. I watched her journey with excitement. One day she heard a pastor preach on hardship in vocation. The sermon told those listening that the road to ministry wasn't easy and that God's "call" on our lives should create great hardship and difficulties. Ministry meant suffering.

After that sermon my friend decided she couldn't be doing what God truly wanted her to do because she loved it too much. She turned from her intended work, changed her major, and starting working in a ministry she did not enjoy.

There will be difficult days no matter our vocation, but do we truly believe that God intends for us to be unhappy in our service and life's work? God is cheering us on saying, "Go for it! What are your wildest dreams? I created you to fulfill them. Who you are and what you do is important."

Let's continue to discuss the road blocks and what we need to silence them. Do we need to gather every six months as a community to support one another? Do we need to provide listening ears and open arms for encouragement? You are not alone in your questions.


"If God gives such attention to the appearance of wildflowers—most of which are never even seen—don't you think [God will] attend to you, take pride in you, do [God's] best for you?
Matthew 6:30


Blogger ashlynn310 said...

Some definate roadblocks I have been facing over much of the past year include legalism and people unconcerned with educating themselves theologically. It seems that so many are content to go with whatever the person in the pulpit says to them rather than to read and research scripture for themselves and allow God to speak to them personally (as God so loves to do!). I hope daily that God will inspire a passsion, not only in me, but in my congregants for God's Word.

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