Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Do

In my tradition babies are dedicated. On Sunday night I attended the dedication of a dear friend's baby. After the service I encountered a woman I hadn't seen in twelve years. I told her my name and greeted her. Pleasantries were exachanged and then she asked, "Now what was your maiden name?"

Marriage is deeply connected to my pre-programmed view of ideal womanhood. Mostly we assume that marriage is an inevitable happening in the lives of those around us. When it doesn't happen on the time table expected sometimes it causes tension.

I know several women who are older than me who have never married. I wonder how old they were when people stopped asking them if they were dating anyone? Do people they haven't seen in a while still greet them by grabbing their left hand and inspecting the ring finger? I hope not because it can be very humiliating.

Marriage is sacred and wonderful and a great gift. And so is singleness. I personally am an admirer of both.


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