Tuesday, December 05, 2006


The second ritual of the weekend (see yesterday's post for the first) was hosted in Lori's honor. It was called Evidence and was a service of blessing.

A group of seven gathered to affirm the evidence we see of the call of God on Lori's life. We met in the living room of a dear friend's house. There was baking and the lighting of candles in preparation for the evening. We sat around the living room sharing stories of how we know God because of Lori.

Each person brought a written blessing that was compiled in a book of Evidence for the soon to be ordained. We wanted her to have a tangible reminder of our support and love for her.

Scripture was read and prayers were prayed. We concluded our evening with an ancient tradition of Bedouin women that signifies birth. We drank cinnamon tea and toasted the birth of Lori's journey as an ordained minister.

As we enter this time of Advent, remember those that look to you for the evidence of God. New beginnings are all around. We celebrate those with you.



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That is the coolest idea!! I love it!

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