Monday, September 18, 2006

Ten Voices

Voices come in all shapes and sizes. This week we are discussing the power that one voice holds. To get us started I've compiled two lists.

Five Powerful, Fabulous, and Famous Voices:

Jimmy Carter
Alice Paul,
for more info on Alice Paul, watch the superb movie Iron Jawed Angels
Jane Fonda, click here to learn more about her new media company
Wangari Maathai,

Five Powerful, Fabulous, and Will be Famous Voices:

Natalie McIntyre,
(Natalie has recently moved to Washington DC where she will continue her graduate education and work as a human rights activist. Expect to see Natalie addressing the UN and congress within the next five years!)
Colleen Burroughs,
(VP of Passport Camps)
Allison Hicks,
(Allison is a first year student at McAfee School of Theology and has already had a resolution passed in her honor!)
Carol Ann Vaughn,
(Carol Ann is the director of the Christian Women's Leadership Center)
Karen Smith,
(Excellent global minister)

We need to know your picks for fabulous voices (famous or will be famous). Remember, you don't have to have a blog to post comments. Sign in under anonymous and tell us who you are in the body of your comment.
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Blogger May Reta said...

Greetings to all-

After reading this morning’s topic and briefly looking at some of the links, I’ve found myself wandering into my daily thoughts with a myriad of questions (more commonly know as day-dreaming). Questions such as; “Who really wants to make a difference in this world?”, and “How important are their issues and methods they employ to make change?”, and last but not least, “Who has actually made a difference?”

I would venture to say, after polling 1000 people, if “they would like to make a difference in this world”, 999 would say “yes”. So, why is it that people lack a sense of conviction or voice? Maybe it’s the idea that there voice doesn’t matter. While I do believe that a voice without conviction is perhaps a voice without guidance or lack of understanding, I do believe our conviction is shaped by our own unique testimony. Take for instance, Aung San Suu Kyi, a woman, while in persecution, is changing the world. Evidenced by the fact she has received a Nobel Peace Prize (I mean c’mon who receives a Peace Prize without causing change). Google her and see what I mean….. Obviously, the importance of her views has commanded international attention and will continue to do so…..

“Who made (makes) a difference?” in my opinion, everyone. By being different, everyone has their own unique testimony, essentially, just a bunch of dynamic miniature bibles running around…….sorry (my thoughts are getting weird ) anyway, these testimonies (your testimony) is the most precious commodity available for change!! Whether you know it or not, you will cause change today, just because, you are you.

Speak out I’m listening,

May Reta

10:33 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

Here are my additions to the already famous voice list:
Hillary Clinton
Ann Judson
Helen Keller

And these are people I want to add to the not (yet) famous voice list...
Frances Ford
Tina Grozdanova
Lily Stone

11:39 AM  
Blogger Meg said...

My additions to the famous voice list:
Sara Groves
John Huss
Dorothy Day
(wow, thats quite a random list)

And for the not so famous...
Steve Davis
Lindsay Nash
Irene Donkor
Josephine Alcantara

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Mandy Mc said...

My picks...

Famous Voices:
Helen Barrett Montgomery - Did you know she translated the New Testament? YEAH - freakin' awesome!
Rosa Parks
Grant Wacker - Professor of Church History at Duke, So he's famous to me and has already helped change my life

Not Yet Famous Voices:
Amy Laura Hall - Assistant Professor of Theological Ethics Leena Lavanya - has been called the Baptist Mother Teresa; she is a BWA missionary to India
Russ and Amy Jacks Dean - co-pastors at Park Road Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC
Timothy Tyson - among other things, he is the author of Blood Done Sign My Name

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Lizzie said...

My additions are:
1) Julie Pennington-Russell
2) Harold Bryson (prof from college)
3) Molly Marshall
4) Maria Swearingen, Baylor student
5) Patti Griffin (singer and songwriter)

12:04 AM  
Blogger the hero formerly known as super said...

My nominations are . . .
1) Lottie Moon--blazed a trail for women in missions and ministry.

2) Xinran--Chinese radio host who listened to the women of China and broadcast their voices for the world to hear

3) Dorthea Lange--documented conditions during the Depression through photography

4) Margaret Bourke-White--first female war correspondent

5) Harriet Beecher Stowe--writer and abolitionist (to say the least)

Not YET famous:
1) Zhu Xiao Mei (Annie)--teacher, friend, and soon-to-be pastor in China

2) Mrs. Gao--founding member and leader of the church I attended in China

3) Suzanne Martin--Program Coordinator for Leading Edge Institute

4) Suzanah Raffield--no, I'm not sucking up. I know my life would be a whole lot different if I hadn't met her.

5) Faith Hogue--a Judson student who experiences the impossible every day.

12:19 PM  

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