Monday, September 11, 2006

What's Your . . .

Sparkfly is at its very center a celebration of stories. We will attempt to weave together conversations surrounding various issues. For our inaugural week, story is our topic.

Our goal is to post Monday through Friday. Monday will be for introductions. Tuesday is reserved for conversation surrounding international women’s issues. Wednesday is our balance day. Does this issue affect us in any substantive way? If so, where are the extremes of the issue in our lives? Thursday is for exploring the conversation that the Bible offers. What truth does the Bible give surrounding the issue of the week? It’s time to wrap it up on Friday. Our hope is to post some of your comments from the week.

In the right hand column of this blog you will see a listing of websites we think are worth visiting. Also note the links under the “pictures” heading that will allow you to be a photojournalist. Please post a shot of yourself and any people or places you think are worth sharing.

If you can’t get a feature to work let us know by posting on the blog or contacting one of us directly. Our contact information can be found under “view my complete profile”.

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