Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Requesting Prayer

We ask your prayers for Sarah and Flower. How are we to live in the face of Flower's reality or Sarah's circumstances? As Christian women, how should our work be different because of the lack of freedom in others' lives? May God guide us in our actions as we seek to live lives worthy of our callings.

Please pray that Sarah will find rest for her soul and that she will realize and accept the depth of Christ's love for her. Pray for her safety as she puts herself in dangerous situations including unprotected sex, drug use, and abusive relationships. Pray for places and people of refuge to be placed along her path.

Please pray for government reform in the country of Burma. Flower would ask us to pray that she and other refugees and internally displaced persons will be able to go home and live in peace. Pray for Flower's safety as she travels in dangerous places sharing Christ's love with those she fears have lost hope.


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