Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's Kind of Like . . .

As I think about the element of story in scripture, I immediately recall a special memory from only a few months ago. This summer I had the opportunity to write the curriculum for a youth and kids summer camp for Wieuca Road Baptist Church in Atlanta . Along with writing the curriculum, I also led the children’s sermons for each day.

Every afternoon I had the challenge of relating a Biblical truth to this group of children. Most days I would bring an object or an illustration. And everyday as I spoke, inevitably I would say, “God’s love is 'kind of like'_______." And we would share stories about that common item and how it reminded us of God’s love, or whatever the analogy was for that particular day.

I believe our ability to relate through story was Jesus’ foundational approach to ministry. Most often we find Jesus relating to the people through common life events and experiences. Through story, Jesus teaches us we are like a wandering sheep who was lost, but now is found. Through story, Jesus teaches us that the greatest commandment is to love others. Through story, Jesus reminds us to use our God-given gifts and to watch them multiply. Jesus was the ultimate story-teller.*

Every Sunday morning as I teach my class of ladies, I sit before them with my stories, as if to say, “God is 'kind of like'_____." As we find it difficult to put words to our thoughts, some of the best lessons learned are through the power of story.

What are other ways that story plays a part in our faith heritage? Do you have a story to share of life and faith? How has God shaped your story through others or through Scripture?

*For more on this concept read Eugene Peterson's book, Eat This Book.


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