Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Susie Allison's Voice

We are loving the conversation. Thanks to all for posting. Please continue to share your choices for powerful voices. (see Monday's blog) On Friday we will compile the lists.

Sparkfly asked Susie Allison to share some of her thoughts on the power of one voice. Susie works as the Director of Student Activities for Judson College, her Alma Mater. She is also a global citizen who lived in China for two years teaching English. Read on for her answers.

Sparkfly: What is one voice that has made a huge difference in your life?
Susie: Annie. She was born to lead, and her peers recognize it. She was one of my best students in China, the monitor of her class, and nominated to join the Communist Party - - a career boost extremely difficult to turn down. She chose the meager earnings of a minister instead. Right now she volunteers in her church and teaches elementary English while taking on numerous tutoring jobs so that she will be financially able to attend seminary in the near future. Through Annie I've seen the meaning of true obedience. In they eyes of her peers she's lost so much because of her relationship with Christ. She experiences doubts. She feels dissapointment. Yet she remains faithful to the calling God has placed upon her life. Annie could have used her voice to hail the virtues of "The Party", but she chose instead to use her voice to proclaim God's glory.

Sparkfly: When using your one voice at Judson, what is your favorite topic of conversation?
Susie: Make good choices! ( I borrowed this motto for life from my friend Abbi's mother.) Whether choosing friends, classes, or what to do on Friday nights, the choices the students are making now will affect them in the years to come.

Sparkfly: In ten years what do you want your one voice to say?
Susie: [That] I've made the best of every opportunity, that I've spoken for the poor and the oppressed instead of remaining silent and that I've taken the road less traveled.

Sparkfly: If your one voice was going to be on Oprah about what would you speak?
Susie: How American's don't have the monopoly on God, freedom, or money and in fact often miss the boat on all three.

Sparkfly: One voice equals . . .
Susie: Harmony


Anonymous Nancy Jones said...

Great job, Susie!!! My daughters have always talked about how wonderful you are. And as always they were right!

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your voice, Suz. I miss you!

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Mandy Mc said...

I'm still a bit incompetent when it comes to this thing. The anonymous comment is from me friend.

5:34 AM  
Anonymous Lucy Argentina said...

Hey! great blog, Zus!
and thanx for informing me of it.
I hope you you are ok!

6:10 AM  

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