Monday, February 20, 2012

Travel Well

There is an art to traveling well . . . a formula to packing perfectly. Experienced travelers know that besides money, food and water,  the things we must have involve prescriptions: medicine and glasses/contacts. Everything else can be purchased, borrowed or lived without.

I spent a lot of time traveling internationally in my twenties. I hit thirty countries before my thirtieth birthday. Every location was a gift that helped shape my growing world view.

In a spirit of remembrance, gratitude and dreaming . . . here is a list of favorite places. (People to follow.)

A hotel rooftop at sunrise in Mawlamyine, Burma.
The Baptist Church in Kidete, Tanzania.
The biggest campfire ever, In the Woods, Romania.
The floor of Lauran's apartment, Prague, Czech Republic.
A Bedouin tent, Wadi Rum, Jordan.


Thank you La Maison Boheme for the photo. 


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