Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Prague is a magical place and the last five days served as a reminder. It's not only Prague the city that is magical, but it is Prague the community, my community of friends who do or did live there. Their presence encourages the magic.

Lately I've had to remind myself why I chose to pursue another seminary degree. I've lost that loving feeling for my academic pursuits and it seems as if I've hit a brick wall that just won't give or get out of my way. Oh, I've heard the well meaning tell me that this happens to everyone and I will make it. But what if I don't?

With or without a degree, Prague has taught me a lot. Yes, I am using Prague as a euphemism for IBTS and relationships and professors who have mind bending capabilities. With or without a degree my missiology will never be the same. It can't be the same when one gets to argue the benefits and/or fear of non-reductive physicalism with students from Russia, Israel, and the most conservative parts of Illinois. It can't be the same when one gets to serve communion with a Telegu Baptist who is considered an untouchable by some in his native India. It can't be the same when one has the honor of eating with women trafficked from countries near and far.

I think if professors and students in my home country (and others) knew what a repository of cutting edge ideas, theology, ministry and life altering relationships one could find at IBTS . . . I think if they knew it would be hard to keep them away. And that wouldn't be a bad thing because we need each other. My missiology would like to thank your missiology Johnson, Tima, Jamie, Dilfuza, Susan, Aliona, Weam, Doug, Melody, Kinga, Eli, Andrew, Dejan, Alex, Phil, Hannah, Helle, Mark, Julie, Olu and Magdi.*
Love, S

*There are too many to name everyone. Thankful nonetheless.


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Blogger Meg said...

I second MM's :)

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Blogger Meg said...

Oh - and my missiology (and sense of call and all sorts of other things) thank you for introducing me to the city in 2004 before I decided to study abroad :)

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