Monday, October 03, 2011

Less is . . . More

So, guess who decided to get 366 women to write one devotional blog post consisting of 200 words or fewer over a twelve month period? That would be me. And guess who still needs bloggers? That would be me. I know this can work.

Things I'm considering:
  • Making up 125 fake names for myself so I can be true to the one post per day concept. (yes 125 is about how many devos short I am)
  • Visiting a random church and asking 125 women who are present to whip out their pens and papers and write . . . on the spot. 
  • Writing the women I've already asked to contribute to remind them. 
  • Insert your idea here: _____________________
200 words or fewer. We can do this. Want to contribute?

(thanks theloveshop for creating this darling print, sold on etsy.)


Blogger Emily said...

suzie, i love this post. so much. it is the essence of you. "whatever our hearts are made of, they are made of the same." Em

4:18 PM  

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