Thursday, May 17, 2007

too connected?

Yesterday I loaded up the Honda with our lab, Zeke; a water bottle, and a fetching toy, and headed to the dog park. It is one of our latest and best discoveries since moving to Long Island. The park is a large, fenced-in grassy area, perhpas a little smaller than a football field. Placed throughout are gorgeous flowrering cherry trees, with broad limbs that spread a canopy of shade over the sitting benches. On three sides, the boundary fence lines a gorgeous horse trail. The large tall pines, maples, and cedars have created a lush and gorgeous forest; perfect for an afternoon gallop with the horse of your choice.

At any time of the day, you might see a group on horseback touring the trails. But often times, you might see just one individual on horseback, out for a peaceful ride in nature. Whatever the case, they always seem so at peace, at one with nature and God. I love to watch the horses keep a steady pace carrying their owner into the quiet forest.

In our late afternoon trip to the park, I sat beneath one of the cherry trees, watching Zeke and meditating in the quiet. I felt the ground shake as woman on horseback rounded the trail, heading in our direction. I paused briefly taking in the repetition of hooves pounding the dry earth. I closed my eyes and thought, "I've got to go horseback riding"! And then out of the serenity of that moment arose boisterous chatter. As I looked closely, the woman was on her cell phone yapping as if she were sitting in traffic on 495. It was the most ridiculous thing I have ever witnessed.

Who talks on their cell phone while horseback riding? Would John Wayne have pulled out his Blackberry while riding through the West? Would cow girls decide to give Mom a call and catch up on the latest town gossip while riding about her land? Are we too connected today?

Are we too caught up in the constant need for interaction? Busyness? Stimulation? Are we ever completely alone anymore? Give me a break!

Perhaps we need to disconnect. May we attempt to re-connect with those parts of our spirit that need nurturing...without cell phones, TV, people, or the world.

Find time today to disconnect; your soul will appreciate it!



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