Friday, March 02, 2007

Life and Time

Welcome back Sparkfly friends! Sorry it's been awhile since we've posted. We have much to report from the last several weeks of research, travel and writing. It is good to be back connected once again.
I have been thinking a lot recently about time. The way we spend our time. What we do with our time. How much time we allow for certain life events. A phrase I say so often is "where does the time go?". Or, often I ponder, "Where did my life go?"

In Sue Monk Kidd's book, "As the Heart Waits", she so beautifuly discusses time and our connectedness to it as she writes:

"One of the great curses of our age is living BY time rather than IN time.

There are two words for time in the Bible: chronos and kairos. When chronos dominates, we live by time. Life is experienced as chronology, as one thing happening after another thing. This is a linear way of thinking about time, with the relentless cadence of tick-tock, tick-tock. The sound takes up residence inside us. Our hearts fall in sync. Why we even refer to our hearts as "tickers".

When kairos dominates, we live IN time, in the deep dot. Life is experienced as opportunity. Kairos is full time, real time. It requires dwelling in the moment so completely that the possiblity of life opens up to us. Spiritual transformation enables us to move from chronos to kairos. We crack open each moment to discover the the treasure of "beingness". The presnet moment becomes the Communion bread that's broken to reveal the true presence of Christ."

This is good news for a rainy Friday in New York, or wherever you find yourself today. May we step into our weekend; not so concerned with how we spend our time, but how we relate to each moment. There are many "deep dots" of time waiting to be explored and truly lived.

Have a great weekend!

L and Sparkfly


Blogger Mandy Mc said...

Are you gals coming back? I miss you and I fear it may be for selfish reasons. I need inspiration to make it through final papers, project, Please come back...pretty please :-)

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are you guys?

5:14 AM  

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