Wednesday, February 07, 2007


It's snowing in Prague and I'm enjoying a busy week full of dissertation meetings and a gathering of the International Christian Alliance on Prostitution.

Lori comes on Saturday. On Saturday we will take serious steps toward the writing of a book. On Saturday we welcome your prayers towards this endeavor.

Sabrina Ward Harrison writes amazing books. Here is an excerpt from, The True and the Questions: A Journal.
Happy Wednesday,

Life is a growing expedition through the tangled and unfilled-in parts. What happens after age nine? Because of the fear we don't trust our own life?
Our story.

Our colors.
To be afraid and leap regardless there is such power in that.
To live into the questions of our lives
when nothing feels clear.
We have this chance to do absolutely anything, to reach out to another, vulnerable and true.

To dance on the roof in euphoria.

To pray into the ocean and let go.

We have this chance every moment to be alive and give to this world, which needs
each one of us.
We must show up for our own life .
Be brave
Be messy

Be loud

Be strong

Trust yourself


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