Thursday, January 18, 2007

waiting on the world to change

What are we waiting on? Who are we waiting on? Sometimes it seems we get so overwhelmed by the world's needs, we just sit and wait on someone else to take initiative. Why are we waiting?

I am truly inspired by world relief initiatives like the Red Campaign endorsed by Bono. Even more recently I am moved by Oprah's newly launched Leadership Academy for young girls in South Afrcia. Oprah believes we change the world through educating and mentoring future women leaders in developing countries. Bono combined America's love of shopping and paired proceeds to aid in AIDS education, prevention and healthcare.

Sparkfly friends, why do we wait? Our potential is enormous. Our resources and our networks extend various political, educational, regional, international, and generational arenas. How do we take simple concepts and put them into action, right now?

I'm writing down my ideas. What are yours and how do we work together to truly change the future of our world? It is up to us.

I'm tired of waiting on the world to change.



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