Tuesday, January 02, 2007


New Year greetings from Atlanta where the student conference Antiphony was held. Registration was around 100 and a good time was had by many. This year's theme was Call and Response and covered a variety of topics surrounding the push and pull of ministry. The crowd was impressive and thoughtful. I wished for more present to experience the brilliance of the gathered community. It was a powerful event.

Yesterday another student conference began within walking distance of Antiphony. More than 23,000 are participating. What if $20 was collected from each person in attendance? $230,000 could fuel the start up of a small business in Moldova potentially offering hundreds of women and men positive work and economic alternatives.

What if $20 had been collected from each Antiphony participant? More than $2,000 could have been collected for an Antiphony participant scholarship fund for education and mission opportunities.

Let's get creative and pool our resources. Want to study economics and start a small business in Moldova?


Have you read The End of Poverty yet?

Check out Kate Campbell's Myspace page. She was one of Antiphony's featured musicians.


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