Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Issues of Our Hearts

"God beckons us to greatness and to be all that we are created to be. Therein, lies the issues of my heart . . . I am constantly fearful that I will look back on my life and wonder if I fulfilled God's plan for me," wrote Lori on Monday. Others have written in sharing similar fears.

In addition, balance has emerged as a theme of our needs. How do we balance our positions as daughters, wives, students, and ministers of the Gospel? How do we relate to God in a powerful and life-fulfilling way? Many of us have expressed staleness in our relationship with Christ. If we truly believed our relationship with Christ was life-giving, wouldn't we commune with Christ more? What would our communion look like?

Some have shared about the need for peace along the journey. Peace in knowing, as our Global Minister from yesterday mentioned, that God will guide us in the daily and long term issues.

Sister travelers, your words are powerful and important. Thanks for pondering these issues with us. What are your deepest needs?


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