Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Body of Christ in a Refugee Camp

I can still remember that morning. Following a restless night in the camp I awoke to the sound of voices. It was around 5:30am and the sounds began to swell around me. With dew still on the ground, I could hear the voices of small children. I could hear the cry of an early rising rooster. Above it all, I heard the voices of the body of Christ.

The sound was faint as it awoke me from my sleep. But the voices grew louder as I made my way to the place of morning vespers. Gathered under an open bamboo hut were 50 or so of my brothers and sisters singing and praising God. The hymn was a familiar one and I recognized it quickly. Though the language was quite different, the tune was the same. That morning as I stood in the back of that room, I understood the Body of Christ. In that moment I was overcome with a sense that I was a part of something so much bigger than I could ever imagine.

We are united together because of our God. We
are the body of Christ. How do you understand the body of Christ through global means? How have you been changed or touched because of this wonderful body we encompass? Tell us your story.

We are listening,

We ask you to continue to pray for Flower and others who are living in the refugee camps in Thailand. Sparkfly is keenly aware of the current political unrest in Thailand and anxiously waits to see if the refugees will be affected in any way.


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