Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Our needs are great. There is comfort in sharing them. Today we hear from a global minister in Asia. She is originally from the US, married, and the mother of three children. Sparkfly asked her what she thought were the needs of women in the country where she lives and to name her three greatest spiritual needs.

Global Minister:
"This is not speaking from my culture, but as one living cross-culturally I see the biggest needs for women in this area of the Pacific Rim [as]: good health care, economic provision for basic needs, education that is affordable (cost of schooling from Pre-K on up is prohibitive for some) . . . "

Sparkfly: What do you feel are your three greatest spiritual needs in your current age, stage, and position in life?
Global Minister:

  • Small group accountability for Bible Study/prayer/experiencing God at work
  • Consistent, ever-deepening personal walk with . . . [Christ] through the Word, prayer, fellowship, witness
  • Believing God for the daily and the long term issues
Thanks to all for yesterday's comments. We thought they were powerful. Please feel free to continue posting, sharing your thoughts and needs.


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