Monday, October 02, 2006

Our Deepest Needs

What is your deepest need? This weekend I was in conversation with some friends who have started reading the Ruth Haley Barton book for the Impulse Book Community. In her book, Sacred Rhythms, Barton asks the reader to name her deepest need from God. This week we are discussing issues women face globally. These issues are often translated into great needs. Is it possible that in some parts of the world spiritual needs are a luxury over which survival takes precedence?

Let us consider the questions together as we hear from a variety of women around the world. If you desire, please comment and name the three biggest needs you have at this present season in your life.


Blogger Mindy said...

I agree with you totally. I think the needs that people are facing all around this world often get in the way of even thinking about the "spiritual" needs. The irony in this is that it is only when we turn to Christ with our needs that we are truly at peace and filled, but it's hard to see that sometimes.

As I look at my life I see these things as my biggest needs...

Balance - it is getting harder and harder to balance my job with my passion and work with ICAP and the IBC Stop Human Trafficking Ministry. Finding the balance when all I want to do is focus on the last two.

Wisdom - in fundraising, in all things, especially in this time of my life.

A deeper relationship with Christ - so needed as I walk through life in general, but as I come into a deeper understanding of the passions that God has given me and how that affects my life it can only walk with a deeper knowledge and love of Him.

In the Service of Freedom,


4:38 AM  
Anonymous Lori said...

As I read the blog posting this morning, a swarm of emotions have come to me. Suzanah's statement that spiritual needs seem a luxury over the basic needs of many women around the globe bring me to a harsh reality.

As I write, I keep this at the forefront of my mind. However, I realize too that we struggle with real issues and needs too. It is almost difficult for me to write, because it seems my issues are so minute compared to the rest of the world. But, God calls us to wholeness. God beckons us to greatness and to be all that we are created to be. Therein, lies the issues of my heart.

The other night, I happened to catch an episode of Larry King and his latest interview with Oprah. He asked her this question, "Is there anything you are fearful of?" She said, "Absolutely. I'm fearful that I will leave this earth, not having fulfilled my God-given responsibilties.

I couldn't believe her response! She has literally changed the world in many ways and brought about good to humankind. And, yet this icon lives in this fear.

I share in her fear. I am constantly fearful that I will look back on my life and wonder if I fulfilled God's plan for me.

Being married for two years now, I have so many aspirations and other things to consider as well. I am constatnly wondering if I am keeping my life in balance between family and call. Am I "doing" enough to satisfy all areas of my life? Physically? Mentally? Spiritually? Emotionally?

Balance is an issue for me as well. As I write this email, I am reminded that there is in fact so much to do in the world. But, perhaps, more importantly, there is so much God wants us to "BE" first. I am working on that.

7:04 AM  
Blogger Meg said...

Hm....Its a hard question. I've read the Barton book and really appreciate the way she asks the question. I think my three are all very much related. For me its all about peace...peace about the past....peace in a big way about the present...and peace about what the heck the future looks like!

3:27 PM  
Blogger the hero formerly known as super said...

My answer is similar to Meg's in that it's one thing manifested 3 different ways . . . grace.

Grace from God is a given. I need it and it's always there.

Grace from others (and sometimes towards others) for the times I inevitably screw things up and lose it on someone (if I would show a little grace before I lost my temper I wouldn't need so much from others).

Grace towards myself. I never live with regrets, but I do tend to beat myself up over the little things . . .

Grace has captured my thoughts lately. I've come to realize just how much we really depend on it . . . and how truly amazing it is.

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Mandy Mc said...

Well, like all of these other fabulous women, I long for balance and peace in my life.

More importantly though, I just need a renewed passion for studying God's word. I spend so much of my time reading and studying that it is hard to get excited about more study time. When I have a break from school work, I want to listen to music or play on the internet...NOT read and sit in silence (which is generally the model for Bible Study).

I guess the other big "need" I've felt lately has been partially fulfilled by this site. I've been longing for a community of women with which I could share and learn and grow. Now if I could just learn to let my guard down a bit things would be great! ;-)

8:24 AM  

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