Friday, October 06, 2006


Is it a lack of time or desire that keeps us from deepening our spirituality? Two women share their thoughts concerning current needs.

Sparkfly: What are your three biggest spiritual needs?
Anonymous: My first response is, I need more time to dedicate to spiritual learning and growth! I need more role-models living a spirit-filled life before me! Yet, I have so many spiritual resources (human and otherwise) at my finger-tips and I spend so little time taking advantage of them! So perhaps the truth is:
  • I am time-poor due to my choices (or just lazy)
  • I am indifferent (or I simply don't believe spiritual growth will make much of a difference in my life)
  • I am arrogant (I don't believe I have much to learn)
My greatest spiritual need: I need a deep longing within myself to grow spiritually.

Sparkfly: What are the three biggest issues you are currently facing?
  • the struggle between cherishing where I am presently in my career versus where I want to be
  • finding solitude
  • being "salt and light" in the "real world"
Happy Friday everyone!


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