Monday, November 22, 2010

more than a zipper

I forgot about mine.
Neema says it's the little things.
The woman is true.

For the long drawn out back story keep reading. To remain mysterious and intrigued, stop now. Either way you get to read the name of one who is stunning.

Sitting in church today I realized I had forgotten to zip up the back of my dress. It happens. Living alone means when I forget to finish getting dressed, there is no one to call out as I'm walking out the door, "Hey, zip up."

I started thinking about older women who have lost the agility to do their own zipping. And those who may live with a partner of decades, but they no longer speak, not the way they used to, and asking for help would be out of the question. As usual, my mind floated to my teacher in Tanzania and her wise words about remembering the little things that are, in reality, never small.

(thanks to the Nov. 21 edition of post secret for the intrigued photo)
(oops photo courtesy of Jiji's flickr page)


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