Wednesday, December 09, 2009


It's been one of those weeks. A week that starts with a dreaded late night call and continues with daily questions so personal that there are times when I think there is no more ministry left in my body. But amazingly, there is. It is like the oil that fueled the Hanukkah miracle . . it keeps coming, unexplained.

I work with teenaged girls and there is always drama, but this week is exceptional. Our layers of selfness are deep. Teenaged girls are no different from their older sister counterparts and like us, they cover who they really are with superficial overlay as a kind of foil. Sometimes I forget and their sighing, eye rolling, and seemingly uncaring attitudes cause me to bristle. But underneath those layers are amazing girls waiting for a word - waiting for me, you, us to be in their corner even when they act like they don't want us to be - especially when they act that way.

This post is a lot of everything and nothing because I am bound by confidentiality and friendship laws, but my bottom line is - this week my mother muscles have been exercised. This week I've thought about maternal health contextually as sometimes maternal health means going to bed early or watching a movie. Tomorrow, my phone will ring again and there will be more conversations and airport rides and God forbid, hospital visits.

I'm amazed, once again, by Body Theology - mine and theirs. All of it is nothing short of miraculous.


Blogger Meg said...

Again I say those girls don't know what a gift they have in you. I am glad you are in their corners and it makes me thankful you were in mine. I was a teenager when you met me!

6:12 AM  
Blogger Sparkfly said...

awww, thanks MegO. really. and as far as corners go, i'm still there.

8:12 PM  

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