Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What if General Assembly Were Like Fashion Week?

What if General Assembly were like Fashion Week? Each year (or every two years) denominational groups gather to wow their constituents with updated curriculum and workshops that are designed to teach the latest studies or missional emphases. Denominations could learn some valuable presentation lessons from New York City's semi annual Fashion Week.

Dream with me for a moment . . . what if CBF (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship) had tents set up throughout the grounds of their rented space and each tent was hosted by a different "designer" (designer of curriculum, books, missional thought)? The goals of these tents would be to inspire those visiting. There could be swag, and I'm not talking about lanyards, random jar openers and key chains. Let's say this swag came from businesses and companies that understood the power of a collected group of people gathered as a captive audience. CBF constituents buy soap and shampoo. They shop at Target and Banana Republic. With a little extra effort, swanky swag could happen.

And let's say that twice a day their was a runway showing of ideas and dreams. The spring or fall line that CBF had decided to roll out for the critic's review. There would be live blogging, twittering, and video streaming. A synergy of generations and thought waiting to inspire and be inspired.

Let me know when the tents go up.


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