Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Honestly I Do Not

Paige is a long time friend with whom I usually resonate on issues pertaining to politics and human rights. For some reason, tonight, that all changed. We were discussing the back to back primaries in our country and all the hullabaloo in regards to the Republican VP choice, Sarah Palin. Out of the blue Paige said to me, "I think she should have stayed home for a year of maternity leave." Then she said, "Just how does she expect to run the country breast feeding a baby?"

Outraged does not adequately express how I felt. "Did you really just say, 'How does she expect to run the country and breast feed a baby?' Paige, now you are scaring me," I said. Suddenly I found myself in the middle of a diatribe about a dear friend, with whom I share this blog, who just last week led an entire week of Vacation Bible School in between morning and afternoon feedings. She also preaches and plans worship services.

If it is said that a woman should not be Vice President if she is breast feeding her child, is it also being said that a woman should not be VP when she is pregnant? Would that kind of logic lead to a ban on women in the West Wing of the White House during their reproductive years? Why would it ever be anyone but Sarah Palin's right to choose whether or not she breast feeds her baby?

When I asked Paige why she didn't think Gov. Palin could be VP and breast feed her baby at the same time she said, "Oh, come on. You know." Honestly, I do not.



Anonymous Sparkfly2 said...

well said. very well said. I'm taking this one to the NY TImes! And honestly, I'm shocked!

3:16 PM  
Blogger ashlynn310 said...

I'm so glad you posted this. These kinds of things being said by so many (and shockingly so many women) are appalling-regardless of your political leanings.

7:30 PM  

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