Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dreaming Together

Today we continue our interviews with women and their dreams.

Brittany Rasmussen Mackey is 27 years old and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the Coordinator for the Andrew P. Stewart Center, an inner city ministry that reaches out to children and their families. Sparkfly asked Brittany the following questions:

Sparkfly: What are your dreams for the future?

Brittany: To be an advocate for social justice (poverty, homelessness, hunger, etc, especially in cities in America); to create a replica of Mission Waco in Atlanta

Sparkfly: What keeps you motivated as you seek to obtain those dreams?

Brittany: The continual need that I see, despite so many people/organizations offering services--clearly none of them are working

Sparkfly: What are obstacles that often deter you from following your dreams?

Brittany: Fear of failure, lack of funding, not being able to do it my way

Sparkfly: Have there been and are presently influential people in your life that encourage you and motivate you as you move forward? Who are they and describe briefly how they affirm you.

Brittany: Jimmy Dorrell is the Founder and Director of Mission Waco. He is the person who most inspired me to do what I do. He continues to be there to field any question I have in addition to affirming me in so many ways.

Ashley Curtis is 19 years old and in her second year of college at Kennesaw State University.

Ashley told Sparkfly that her dreams are ultimately to one day do something that she loves and to make money. Her number one dream is to earn enough income that she can take care of both her mother and her grandmother. She explains that she feels a responsibility to give back to generations before her.

Ashley’s number one dream is to become a runway model and/or a professional dancer. She described her passion for wanting to really “make it” one day. But, her fears often overcome her as she struggles with self doubt and the discouragement from others. She also described her struggle financially as she strives for lofty dreams. She discussed her “real dreams” and then the ones that were more “realistic”. She is majoring in education and also sees herself working with children in some capacity.

Ashley’s faith plays a role in her dreams as she anticipates the unknown. God has revealed to her on many occasions a way of bringing good out of bad circumstances. She believes that with each turn of events, God’s hand is working out a plan. She moves forward hesitantly, but confidently that she will one day fulfill a portion of her dreams.


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